A Halloween story

Halloween is a good time to tell the story of Barbara Hufford, born 1860 in Rossville, Clinton County, Indiana. Barbara was the daughter of John (b. 1814), son of Abraham Sr. (b. 1788), son of Casper (b. 1762), son of Christian the immigrant. Barbara, her husband, and their children are on page 63 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. She is with her parents and siblings on page 52 of the book.

Barbara married John DEAL when she was 19; she birthed seven children. She died at 31, in 1888, with six children surviving. Her son Manford was seven-and-a-half years old when Barbara died.

In 1971, Barbara’s son Manford was 86 years old and living in Traverse City, Michigan. His wife had died the year before. He made a return trip to his childhood hometown – Pyrmont, Carroll County, Indiana. Manford’s son Francis Ronald was with him. Manford visited with a few old cousins, saw a childhood friend, and walked some of the same roads he had walked as a child.

A few weeks after he returned to Traverse City, he told his son a story, and his son wrote it down. Here is the story that Barbara’s son told, 79 years after Barbara died:

My Hufford ancestor: Elizabeth Hufford, born 1851

Over the years of my HUFFORD research, some have asked, “But are YOU a Hufford descendant?”

The answer, of course, is yes.

My most recent ancestor who was born with the HUFFORD name is Elizabeth Hufford who was born June 25, 1851, in Carroll Co., Indiana.  She is pictured with her husband and children on page 81 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

Elizabeth is front and center. Left front, with his cane, is Elizabeth’s husband, George Hooker. On George’s lap is their son Challence (born in 1889). Right front is daughter Dora (born in 1886). Standing, from left to right are Theodore (b. 1882), Sarah Catharine (b. 1871), George (b. 1877), Rosa (b. 1874), William (b. 1879), Mary Elizabeth (b. 1873), and James (b. 1882). The family dog is lying on the ground in front of them.

I am one of Elizabeth Hufford’s great-great-granddaughters.

Elizabeth was a strait-laced, German Baptist Brethren farm girl who married a Catholic man who had served in the Civil War.  Together, they had nine children and raised all to adulthood.

Christian’s grandson Christian III (1780-1827)

Christian who was born in 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany, had a son named after him: Christian II, born 1746 in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.

Christian II had nine children, obviously, all grandchildren of Christian I. Only one of those nine grandchildren made it into the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY: Christian III, born August 1780, died August 1827 in Fairfield Co., Ohio. Christian III’s descendants are in Part II of the book, from page 200 through page 230. What is below includes all who are on those pages, and what is below includes corrections and completions of information that is on those pages.

The descendancy list begins with Christian b. 1716 Schwaigern. Christian III is number 3 on the list. Every number 4 is a child of Christian III.

I’ve tried to omit information on the living. Links are to findagrave.com pages where you may find more information. Christian III’s children are not arranged in birth order here. Rather, they are arranged in the order they show in the 1909 book. The arrangement in the 1909 book was incorrect because the editor had some birth years wrong. On this list, to make it easier to follow along with Volume I of the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY, the arrangement is as it is in the 1909 book.

Remember that you can download a PDF copy of the 1909 book from the “flash widget box” that is on the left side of this page. (If you’re not seeing the “flash widget box,” scroll up and click on “Home” in the “Hufford Family History” black panel at the top of the page. Then, you’ll see the “ARCHIVES”; below that is a calendar; below the calendar, there’s a search bar; below the search bar is a list of links. Below the list of links is a box to add your email address to receive notice of new posts here. And below that is the “flash widget box.” It’s an easy download, and it’s FREE.)

Descendants of Christian III are listed on the page 2 here.

Ellen “Ella” Rinehart, a great-great granddaughter of Christian b. 1716

My puzzle for the weekend was one step beyond the HUFFORD name: Ella Dorcas “Ella” RINEHART’s mother was a born Hufford. What is below can be considered a replacement for page 224 of the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. The first problem with page 224 is that the book editor misspelled the last name of Ella’s first husband. The correct spelling is LONGENECKER.

from page 224

Ellen Dorcas “Ella” Rinehart: 1st Mrs. Longenecker, 2nd Mrs. Frick, 3rd Mrs. Jennings.

Ellen Dorcas “Ella” RINEHART was the 11th child of Sarah Hufford (page 218), who was the 6th child of Christian III (page 200), who was the son of Christian II (b. 1746), who was the son of Christian the immigrant (b. 1716 in Schwaigern).

    (As an aside, the number in front of each person in the book is the birth order for that child. There is no real index in the book, and understanding the code to birth order is key to finding people in the book, and to finding both the ancestors and descendants of a person. The book was put together for family, family who knew how they all were related.)

Jacob Hufford of Scott Co., Indiana: TWO WIVES

Success today!

I long had puzzled about Jacob Hufford (son of John, son of Christian b. 1716 Schwaigern). The facts on him just weren’t adding up.

The 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY said this, at page 264:

snip from page 264

I found his marriage record to Elizabeth Ann ALLEN in Scott Co., Indiana, 25-June-1823. I found him in Scott Co. in 1830, living near his brothers Solomon, John, and William, and near Samuel HOPPER, his sister Elizabeth’s husband. He and his wife had four children under ten – two boys and two girls.

In 1834, he bought 38 acres in Scott Co.; in 1837, another 38 acres; in 1839, 40 acres. All land was in section 1, township 3-N, range 7-E, 2nd PM meridian.

In 1840, they were still in Scott Co. They were living next to Jacob’s brother William and a few farms down from Patsy Hufford, the wife of their brother John. Seven children in the household: five boys and two girls.

In 1850, the family had moved to Decatur Co., Iowa. In the household were their children James, Jacob, Elizabeth, John, and Eliza. In 1860, John and Elizabeth were back in Scott Co., Indiana, with one grandson. By 1872, Jacob was in Cherokee, Butte Co., California, where he was listed on the voter registration list.

In June 1880, his wife Elizabeth was in Butte Co., with their son James and daughter Elizabeth, but Jacob was not in the household.

In October 1880, Elizabeth died. Her death notice appeared in the Chico Semi-Weekly Enterprise on October 19, 1880, and her gravestone says she died October 13, 1880:
Wife of
Jacob Hufford
Oct. 13, 1880.
Aged 77 yrs. & 6 mo.
Elizabeth's gravestone

Buried in the same cemetery are Jacob and Elizabeth’s son James Allen and John Newton. It is a clear match for Jacob’s wife Elizabeth.

However, there are death notices for Jacob Hufford and his wife Elizabeth in the old weekly newspaper The Chronicle of Scott Co., Indiana. Elizabeth’s notice appeared Dec. 17, 1891, page 3, column 2, saying she died Dec. 9, 1891. Jacob’s notice appeared Dec. 24, 1891, page 3, column 2, saying that he died Dec. 18, 1891, in New Frankfort, Scott Co., Indiana.

It just was not making sense. Did I have the wrong Jacob? Was there another Jacob in Scott Co., buried in the same small cemetery where Jacob’s brother William’s wife was buried?