Jacob Hufford of Scott Co., Indiana: TWO WIVES

Then I found online a book of Scott Co., Indiana, will abstracts: “Index and Scott County, Indiana, Will Book Records,” by Carl R. Bogardus, 1974.

And at page 20, I found this:

    HUFFORD: JACOB. Date 3-2-1881. Prob. 3-21-1892. Exec: Elizabeth Hufford, John T. Mitchell. Witt: M.B. Reynold, Dexter Davis, John T. Mitchell, Heirs: present wife, Elizabeth. Sons, David, James Allen, Jacob, John. Daughters, Nancy Jane Fields, Elizabeth Cushman, Eliza A. Sewell. (not found recorded in indexes of Will Bk, A & B)

The names were an absolute match. The daughters’ married names all matched. How, if Elizabeth died in October 1880 in Butte Co., California, could Jacob have named her in a will that he wrote March 2, 1881? Then I read a little more closely: “present wife, Elizabeth.”

Present wife.” In other words, there had been another wife, another Elizabeth.

Indiana Marriage Collection, 1800-1941, (found at ancestry.com) shows that Jacob Hufford married Elizabeth McFADDEN December 21, 1880, in Scott Co., Indiana. Two months after his wife died in California, Jacob married again in Indiana. But, he was 79. Why waste time?

Further research showed that Elizabeth McFadden was born Elizabeth BRIDGEWATER in about 1816. She first married Henry SMITH; he died in 1849. She second married the widower Henry McFadden. Jacob Hufford was her 3rd husband.

Puzzle solved! Here are the three findagrave entries:
Jacob HUFFORD (1801-1891)
Elizabeth Ann ALLEN, the 1st Mrs. Jacob Hufford (1803-1880)
Elizabeth BRIDGEWATER, the 2nd Mrs. Jacob Hufford (1816-1891)

All of Jacob’s children were born to his first wife, Elizabeth Allen. His children and descendants are on pages 264 and 265 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. Below is his list of descendants extended. There may be some wrinkles still to be ironed out.

Jacob’s descendants are listed on page 3 here:

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