DNA-proven Hufford lines

DNA testing continues to find proofs among HUFFORD descendants. To date, the following lines have been proven via DNA matches with autosomal tests:

• Snowie Beatrice Hufford (1905-1992) > Lewis Townsend Hufford (1869-1939) > Solomon Hufford (1838-1893) > Peter Hufford (b. abt 1788) > Christian Hoffart II (1746-1826) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).

• Earl Leslie Hufford (1907-1933) > Jesse Emanuel Hufford (1876-1959) > Emanuel Hufferd (1831-1913) > Abraham Hufford (1788-1859) > Casper Hoffert (1762-1825) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).

The above two lines are proved by a DNA match between Snowie’s grandson and Earl’s grandson, on chromosome # 8, from 11156163 to 18892233.

My line to the immigrant Christian Hoffart (1716-1788) is the following:

• Sarah Catherine Hooker (1871-1952) > Elizabeth Hufford (1851-1929) > Andrew Hufford (1827-1881) > Abraham Hufford (1788-1859) > Casper Hoffert (1762-1825) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).

Based on my line, the following lines are proven:

• Martha Jane Curtis (1927-1991) > Edith E. Hufford (1883-1952) > Jacob Leonard Hufford (1841-1907) > Jacob Staley Hufford (1798-1884) > Casper Hoffert (1762-1825) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).
[Proven by DNA from Martha Jane’s daughter.]

• Ivan Clyde Smith (1910-1959) > Mabel Edna McKinley > Mary Amelia VanHellen > Mary Ann Hufford > Jacob Staley Hoffert > Casper Hoffert > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).
[Proven by DNA from Ivan’s son.]

• Norma Jean Hufford > Richard Robinson Hufford > Walter Arthur Hufford > David D. Hufford > Andrew Hufford > Abraham Hufford > Casper Hoffert > Christian Hoffart. … [Proven by DNA from Norma Jean’s grandson.]

• Dorothy Lorraine Hufford (1934-1972) > Clarence Everett Hufford, Sr. (1903–1987) > Levi Silas Lee Hufford (1871-1912) > Aaron J. Hufford (1846-1915) > Michael William Hufford, Sr. (1804-1875) > Casper Hoffert (1762-1825) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).
[Proven by DNA from Dorothy’s only daughter, who was placed for adoption at birth: a 5 cM match on chromosome # 13, from 108162547 to 109642722.]

• Vernon Clarence Carstensen (1928-2013) > Helen Anna Seiling (1904-1972) > Delia Mary Limmer (1874-1951) > Lucinda Hufford (1853-1914) > Jacob Stanley Hufford (1798-1884) > Casper Hoffert (1762-1825) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).
[Proven by DNA from Vernon’s son.]

• Fred Louis Remer (1944-1996) > Frederick Jesse Remer (1925-1973) > Jesse Henry Remer (1880-1949) > Mary Ann Bader (1854-1884) > Elizabeth Hufford (1826-1889) > John Hufford (1801-1825) > Casper Hoffert (1762-1825) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).
[Proven by DNA from Fred’s daughter.]

• Bess Levada Fasgold (1926-2010) > Iva Alberta Pumphrey (1898-1986) > Clara Elizabeth Hufford (1877-1967) > William Lafayette Hufford (1848-1928) > Jefferson Hufford (b. abt 1807; d. aft 1880) > John Hoffart (b. abt 1758; d. bef 18-May-1819) > Christian Hoffart (1716-1788).
[Proven by DNA from Bess’ son. This line has been problematic. The autosomal DNA match says the line is correct; however, another male descendant of this line has done a 37-marker Y-DNA test that showed a match at 0 points removed from someone who descends on a MOORE line from a MOORE who lived in Woodford County, Kentucky, in the 1800s, at the same time the HUFFORDs were there.]

If you are a HUFFORD descendant who has been able to prove your line with DNA testing, please share the information with me so that we can begin to collect information on proven lines. I’ll add the information here in this HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

My line is above (Elizabeth Hufford). I have tested at familyTreeDNA, at 23andMe, and at ancestryDNA. My raw data has been uploaded at gedMatch.com, and I will provide my gedMatch number upon request.

4 thoughts on “DNA-proven Hufford lines

  1. My great grandfather is Jessie Debs Hufford, who married Lillie Elliot Thomas. My grandmother is Erma Bowles,who married Farrell Joseph Bowles. My mother is Barbara Bowles and uncle is Dennis Bowles. Ao know I am related to the Hufford family. Would like to learn more.

    • Jesse D. Hufford (1883-1964) was the son of Charles Wesley “Pete” Hufford (1857-1942), who was son of John Wesley “J. W.” Hufford (1830-1895), who was son of John Wesley Hufford (1798-1880), who was son of John Hoffart (b. abt 1758, d bef 1819), who was son of Christian Hoffart (b. 1716 Schwaigern, d. 1788 Frederick Co., MD).

      Your grandmother’s findagrave page is here:

      Because you descend from John Hoffart (b. abt 1758) and his wife Elizabeth STIHLI (b. 1764), you and I share two sets of ancestors. John was the brother of my ancestor Casper; John’s wife Elizabeth was the sister of Casper’s wife Catharine (b. 1767).

      I have found autosomal DNA proof-matches to all four of those ancestors whom we share (the parents of John and Casper, and the parents of Elizabeth and Catharine): Christian Hoffart, Elizabeth Keim, Christoph Stiehl, and Catherine Wine. I urge you to do autosomal DNA testing.

      Because ancestry.com recently has modified the information that they present so as to reduce the matches shown (and since already they were not showing actual segment information), my suggestion would be either familyTreeDna or 23andMe. Then, upload your raw data to gedMatch.

      • I have not been tested, but my great grandfather is Jessie debs Hufford,and great grandmother is Lillie Hufford. My grandmother is erma velma jane Hufford,. I would like to know more about my family. Cindi Monaco

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