Franklin Pierce Hoffert edited and published THE HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY in 1909.  This blog will serve as a “Volume II” to his amazing work.

The HUFFORDs of interest are those who descend from Hans Jorich HOFFARTH who left Schwaigern, Germany, and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1729.  He arrived with his wife (Anna Margaretha MOST), his son (Christian), and one of his daughters (Anna Margretha).  His daughter Anna Christina arrived a few months later.

His son Christian (born 1716) married twice and had 17 children — seven by his first wife and ten by his second wife.   The editor and publisher of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY descended from Christian’s son Casper, as do I.

Franklin spent ten years researching and collecting family information to include in the 269-page book. The book includes photographs of most families and information about occupations and church affiliations.

When the book was published, the editor admitted that he had spent $2,000 in his effort to put together the book. If so, his cost in 2010 dollars would have been $47,914.  The book was a labor of love for Franklin; he supported his family by other means.

This blog deals with piecing together the puzzle of the Hufford descendants.

If you believe that you descend from these HUFFORDs, contact me with your line, and I will give you access to a private tree at ancestry.com.  The tree tracks all of the Hufford descendants that I’ve been able to find.  Documentation is attached for each person.

I’m Alice Marie Beard, and you’re welcome to write me at
email: AliceMarieBeard@gmualumni.org

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  1. We have the book in our family, but there were details left out of our Great Great Grandmother’s history. I would love to have another copy of the book, but I do see it is all on the internet. Our Great Great Grandmother was Sarah Root born to John Root and Hanna Hufford. John and Hanna married on October 4, 1845. Sarah was the 1st child born to this union. Sarah’s first marriage was not documented in the Hufford Family History book. Her first marriage was to Frank Fishel, not sure the date and to this union was born 2 daughters Cara Lee Fishel, born Feb. 23, 1882 and Anna May Fishel born November 4, 1874 in Ozawkie, Kansas. Anna Mey Fishel is my Great Grandmother. You can reach me at long3002@sbcglobal.net.

    • Karen, thank you for visiting. Sarah Root, daughter of Hannah Hufford (who was of John b. 1814, who was of Abraham b. 1788, who was of Casper b. 1762, who was of Christian b. 1716) is on page 61 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. You are correct that the information on Sarah is not complete in the book. It lists only her second husband (John Miller) and two children from that marriage: Walter J. B. Miller and Ada L. Miller. By the time the book was put together, Sarah and husband John Miller were living in Valley Falls, Jefferson County, Kansas. According to the book, Sarah and John married December 24, 1892. In 1900, Sarah was in Ozawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, with husband John Miller and her daughter Anna M. Fishel. Sarah reported (in 1900) three births and three living children. However, only daughter Anna is in the household. In 1905, Sarah is in Ozawkie with husband John Miller and their daughter Ada. In 1910, she’s in Ozawkie with husband John and daughter Ada. Unfortunately, incorrect information was recorded for Sarah that year: 1 birth, 1 living child. In 1920, she was in Ozawkie with husband John and daughter Ada. In 1925, she was in Ozawkie with husband John and grandson Everett Newton, 4 years old. 1930, Sarah and John were in Ozawkie; 1940, Sarah and John were in Ozawkie, again with grandson Everett Newton. Although the HUFFORD book lists “Walter J. B. Miller,” I find no record of him, and I find no record of daughter Cara Lee Fishel, but I’ve no doubt that your information is correct. … CORRECTION: I just found Sarah’s daughter Cora with her on the 1895 Kansas census in Ozawkie, Jefferson County.

      MORE CORRECTIONS, many months later:
      Karen’s note said “John Root and Hanna Hufford … married on October 4, 1845.” No, that is not correct. John was born in 1838; Hannah was born 4-Oct-1845. By accident, Karen typed Hannah’s birth date as her marriage date. John and Hannah married on 2-Dec-1863, in Clinton Co., Indiana.

      The reason that Sarah’s son Walter was not listed with Sarah on the 1900 census is not known, but Walter was still alive at the time of the 1900 census. He died of scarlet fever in September of 1900, at three years old. A cemetery record for the child was found at Ozawkie Cemetery:
      “MILLER, Walter J.B., son of J. A. and S. A., died Sept. 4, 1900, aged 3 years, 7 months, 15 days.”

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