My long-term goal will be tracking the descendants of the 102 known grandchildren of Christian Hufford (1718-1788). Some will not be trackable, but I’ll do my best.

The page numbers below refer to the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

From Christian’s child #1, Christian II:

From Christian’s child #6, John:

From Christian’s child #7, Casper:

5 thoughts on “Descendants

  1. My name is Valerie, my paternal grandmother was Lois Hufford. We are descended from Christian’s son Casper, who had Abraham, then Andrew, Samuel, then my grandmother I have a Hufford tree on I am Valerie2769

    • Melissa, you would need to know your own HUFFORD ancestry back far enough to see if you happen to connect to a descendant of Christian Hufford who was born in 1716 in Schwaigern. If you had the name of your straight-line HUFFORD ancestor who was born before 1920, I might be able to help if you had full info on that person — where born, when born, full name. Without that as the bare minimum, I could not help. Please understand that not all HUFFORDs share a common ancestor, and not every HUFFORD who honestly descends from Christian will be able to be placed on the tree. In some instances, the information of connection has been lost. So, the short answer is that you’d need to do basic genealogical research. Best wishes.

  2. My name is Calvin Medcalf, and I’m a direct descendent of Philipp Hoffarth b. circa 1589. I’ve traced my family line from when I was born to Hans Hoffarth (Philipp’s father), but I have no luck on any records past that.

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