Contact regarding HUFFORD genealogy is always welcome.


If you believe that you descend from these HUFFORDs, contact me with your line, and I will give you access to a private tree at  The tree tracks all of the Hufford descendants that I’ve been able to find.  Documentation is attached for each person.

4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Thank you, Alice, for your hard work & constant diligence. I do so appreciate your work.
    Mom did, too.
    Can’t wait to get a real computer to read your update. ( I’m still using my iPhone & iPad.)
    All the best, Cousin!

  2. Hello, I have seen your work around the web for years and would love access to the ancestry database. I am Rion bartholomew hufford, son of Michael leonard hufford, grandson of Ernest hufford. Michael is still alive, my grandfather passed 30+ years ago. I’m not sure how it works but I can give you some current info from his (and my) line, you may already have most of it lol.

    • I see that your father (Michael Leonard HUFFORD) was born 29-Jan-1946, in Yolo County, California. His mother’s maiden name was ARMSTRONG. In 1940, there were no HUFFORDs in Yolo County. I am not finding any “Earnest HUFFORD” who died 30+ years ago who had a son with your father’s name. If you were able to provide more exact information on your grandfather, I might be able to determine who he was and who his parents were, thereby being able to tell you whether or not he descended from the HUFFORDs I work.

      Please understand that not all HUFFORDs are related. If you suspect that you descend from this group of HUFFORDs but do not know for sure, the fastest way to get an answer would be to do an autosomal DNA test at There are many, many HUFFORD descendants who have tested with that company. E.g., I share DNA with 247 identified descendants of the immigrant Christian HOFFARTH (1716-1788). Most are from his son Casper (1762-1825), but not all.

      But a first step for you would be finding exact information on your grandfather: Full name, when and where he died, where he was born, where he lived his life. A last name alone does not mean much.

  3. Alice – I could not agree more with your trenchant post of last July about the current lack of respect for those brave men who gave their lives to preserve the Union and abolish slavery. Certainly their contribution beats assaulting policemen and looting. Also thanks for your websites’ convenient point of reference to the essential facts about our family. I have been busy cleaning up disinformation about the Huffords on FamilySearch’s FamilyTree site. Also still wondering whether a family connection existed between Christoph Sauer, the printer of Germantown, and Christian Hufford through his Sauer grandmother. Christoph Sauer was from Marburg, about 140 miles straight north of Schwaigern, so not next door, but he had been born at Ladenburg, which is only 35 miles NW of Schwaigern, the son of a pastor who probably had a wider-than-normal sphere of acquaintance. Moreover, the surname is rather rare in Germany, and both men had connections to the Dunkard movement. Consequently Alexander Mack would have likely also known C. Sauer. I wonder whether Christoph Sauer’s letter back to Germany about his voyage to Pennsylvania ( might have circulated as far as Schwaigern. It came at just the right time to have inspired the Hoffarth family’s emigration; as you know they were on the same boat to Philadelphia with Alexander Mack. And then of course Christian Hufford had to have been acquainted with C. Sauer if through no other means than the ad published in Sauer’s newspaper at a time when Christian Hufford was living just a few miles from the print shop.

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