The best way to see all descendants of Christian HOFFARTH (1716-1788) is to go to my database at at

That link should open to a list of descendants of Christian HOFFARTH

It is a long list. It is given in one of the standard styles used by genealogists. It may take a bit of figuring for you to understand. The descendants list begins with Christian’s 17 children, listed A thru Q. The first seven (A thru G) are listed under Christian’s first wife (Elizabeth KEIM). The next ten children (H thru Q) are listed under Christian’s second wife (Anna Catharine.)

Then the children of child A are listed, and so on. For example, my great-great-grandmother Elizabeth HUFFORD (1844-1921) is GBHA  with this system. That means that she descends from Christian’s child “G,” and from G’s child “B,” and from B’s child “H,” and from H’s child “A.”

In the past, this page directed researchers to my database at RootsWeb’s WorldConnect Project. However, that site has become undependable and often is not accessible. The site is more dependable.

My working database is at I add to and correct my working database several times a week. Every few months, I create a gedcom file from that working database and upload it anew at

My database at is set to public. My user name at ancestry is “GoodWitchGoodWitch,” and the database of interest is “HUFFORDS AND OTHERS.” If you do not otherwise have access, email me, and I’ll send you an “invite” if you are a HUFFORD descendant. 

If you have an ancestry account, here is a direct link to that database at ancestry:

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  1. Rootsweb is currently unavailable.😢
    Just when I have two of Mom’s granddaughters
    interested in the research.😳
    Hope you are well, Alice. (& warm!)

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