First posting

The intent of this blog will be to discuss HUFFORD genealogy searching and finding.  I have done genealogical research since Thanksgiving 1986.  My brother had told me about seeing a collection of old photos in what had been the home of our great-grandparents (and then our great-uncle).  My brother had tried to purchase that box of photos, but the person would not sell the photos to my brother.  I decided to pick up the flag from my brother and try to get the information that had been in that old box of photos.

I traveled to Owasco, Indiana, and walked with some cousins back into an old grave yard, and we began “scratching” gravestones.  Soon, I realized that our great-grandmother was a HUFFORD descendant.  Her mother was a born-Hufford, and she had many Hufford relatives in the area.  And I learned about a book that had been published in 1909:  The Hufford Family History, by Franklin Pierce Hoffert.

In the almost 26 years since that walk back to the old grave yard in the woods, I’ve tracked lots of ancestors, but the line that I’ve worked the most is the Hufford line.  In 1729, Hans Jorich HOFFART left Schwaigern, Germany, and arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with his wife, his son (Christian), and one of his daughters (Anna Margretha).  His second daughter (Anna Christina) arrived soon after. 

Most of my genealogical research in recent years — since I’ve been at the level of a “skilled genealogist” — has dealt with Hufford descendants.  I find ’em, sort ’em, attach ’em to the right parents, and keep going.  🙂

And I try to clear up some mistakes in that old book that was published in 1909.

I welcome comments from other Hufford genealogists.

2 thoughts on “First posting

  1. As I have said many times…Alice your work will be the Base for Hufford researchers for years to come. This Blog is just another avenue you have instituted for the benefit of all the rest of us. ‘Rock On” Jim Hufferd

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