A “Don’t beat my kid” moment, from a Hufford dad

Here’s an old “don’t beat my kid” moment from a Hufford dad.  It’s from Watertown Daily Times, Jan. 15, 1895:

Clayton, Ind, Jan. 15. — A whipping scrape occurred in the public school yesterday afternoon, which culminated in a general riot.  The principal, Miss Belle Mills, assisted by John Crowley, teacher in the grammar department, attempted to inflict punishment on Louis Hufford, a son of David Hufford, for disobedience.  The whipping was to take place immediately after the close of the afternoon session at 4 p.m.  As soon as school was dismissed, some pupils ran and told Hufford’s father and his brother, William, a blacksmith.  Immediately the father and the elder brother started for the school house, the father with a knife and the brother with an iron.  There was a general fight on their arrival.  Crowley was cut.  The father and brother of Hufford were beaten and knocked down a flight of stairs.  Young Hufford escaped during the excitement.

The dad, Enoch David Hufford, was a house carpenter.  He was 63 the day he went to the school to say, “You may not beat my kid!”  Young Louis was almost 16.  His brother the blacksmith was 21.

Enoch David Hufford was the father of eight children, and Louis was his youngest. Another of Enoch’s children was a school teacher.

Enoch David Hufford was son of Gideon, son of David, son of Daniel, son of Christian b. 1716 in Schwaigern, Germany.  There’s a photo of his grave marker here: Enoch David Hufford (1830-1900).

PAGE NOTE: Enoch David Hufford’s father was Gideon Hufford. Gideon’s younger brother Joel is at page 252 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

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