The Hufford Family in Doddridge County, WV

As I was working to solve the puzzle of Peter Hufford (of Christian II, of Christian b. 1716), it seems that the folks in the area where he lived his last years already knew how he connected to the Huffords whom I work. 

John M. DeBrular, Suzanne Hadley, and Marla Jones wrote “The History of the Greenwood Community, 1798-1980.”  There is a “last editing” of the work on August 1, 2005, found here:

Here are their words:

The Hufford Family in Doddridge County, WV

During the twentieth century, one of the well-known families in Greenwood was that of Theodore and Lilly (Ellifritt) Hufford.   [Note from AMB: Theodore was of William, of Peter, of Christian II, of Christian b. 1716.]

Theodore’s parents, William and Mary (Cottrill) Hufford, were married in Harrison County, WV, in 1871. They brought their family to Doddridge County from Lost Creek, in Harrison County. William, born in 1847, was the son of Peter Hufford and Mary Ann (last name unknown). The Huffords were German immigrants who came to America (Pennsylvania) in 1729; the family name in Germany was “Hoffart”; after the family immigrated, the name evolved to “Huffert” and eventually to “Hufford.”

Mary Cottrill was the daughter of Calvin Cottrill and Lucinda (last name unknown), both believed to have been born in Virginia ca. 1820. Mary was born in 1850 in Muskinguum County, Ohio.

It is unclear precisely when or why the William Huffords moved from Harrison County to Doddridge County. The 1880 census recorded the family still living in Harrison County, and son Holly – born in 1877 – apparently was the last child born in that county. Lena (may have been “Tena”) – born in 1884 – apparently was the first child born in Doddridge County. (Notably, Tena was the only girl born to William and Mary; she lived to be just over one year old, dying in 1885.) The sons born to William and Mary were:

  • Theodore (born 1872 in Harrison County)
  • Worthington George (born 1873 in Harrison County)
  • Enoch Bert (born 1875 in Harrison County; died 1903 in Doddridge County)
  • William Hatfield (“Hat”; born 1876 in Harrison County; married Margaret Caroline Dotson; died 1938)
  • Holly W. (born 1877 in Harrison County; died 1914 at Greenwood)
  • Arthur C. (born 1886 in Doddridge County)
  • Clyde (born 1888 in Doddridge County; married Augusta Cottrill)
  • Harley C. (born 1905 in Doddridge County; died 1921 in Doddridge County).

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