A thank you to findagrave photo volunteers

Such nice words came in an email today:

I do not travel without checking your photo requests; when I am near one of yours, I get it.  I do not put forth the effort for just anyone.  Your effort on the Huffords is important work in my mind, and I hope to see it completed.

Those words came from a findagrave photo volunteer.  I hope I live up to his opinion.

Findagrave.com allows two groups to come together to dance, even though we never meet one another. One group enjoys photographing gravestones in cemeteries; the other group is into genealogy.

Because of findagrave photo volunteers whom I’ve never met, I’ve been able to verify information and open up several HUFFORD lines, all over the USA.  There have been findagrave volunteers many states away who have done more than photograph gravestones:  One in California has frequently checked records in a local courthouse.  Another in California checked old newspapers from the 1800s to find what happened to a Hufford woman.

2 thoughts on “A thank you to findagrave photo volunteers

  1. Thank you your kind words are greatley appreciated. I enjoy working with find a grave and
    going to take photo’s and doing the research when I post a memorial. It keeps the body and the mind active and hopefully helps other s find their ancestors.

  2. You are so welcome and I really do appreciate the kind words that you have expressed her for all of the people who go out and take photos, both for those named and for those (there are always some no matter how careful you are) that have fallen through the cracks.

    May you have much luck in your future searches.


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