Info to send me if you want genealogical help

I’m more than happy to help other genealogists working HUFFORDS, even beginning genealogists.

However, PLEASE send full information when you send a query. A query like this won’t get you anywhere: “Are you related to my Aunt Rosemary who married John Hufford?” Seriously, I get some like that.

If you contact me seeking Hufford genealogical information, please include at least an approximate year and a place. Include as much information as possible so that I can pinpoint your Hufford among the several thousand in my database.

And, generally, I will not give information on the living, even if I have the information. The exception is with adoption. If you can prove to me that you descend from a Hufford, but you do not have the courage to make “that call,” I’ll do it for you. I have reunited adoptees with birth parents in a few instances. Sometimes it’s a good situation; sometimes it’s not. But my opinion is that someone has the right to be in contact with his/her own mother or father if that’s his/her choice.

But, please, no, “Are you related to my Aunt Rosemary who married John Hufford?”

Well, yes, through Adam and Eve. 😉

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