Please help!

To the cousins who have done autosomal DNA testing at ancestry[dot]com, if you’d like to help with this massive HUFFORD genealogical research project that has been going on for over 125 years, please consider allowing me to see the people with whom you share DNA.

It’s easy to do. There’s no risk and no cost to you if you already have tested. Your sharing information with me will help as I sort people and fill in descendants of our ancestor Christian HOFFARTH (1716-1788).

If you’re willing, email me, and I’ll explain how to “share” with me.

Thus far, nine HUFFORD descendants have shared their results with me. The more who share, the more data there is to mine.

Just yesterday, as a result of one of those shares, I was able to find and verify a previously unknown great-granddaughter of Christian: Sarah Hufford, daughter of David (d. 1865 Washington Co., Pennsylvania), who was the son of Christian II. Sarah was born in 1807 in rural Pennsylvania, had 12 children, and died in 1889. The info I turned up included an obit that stated where her body was buried, allowing me to make a findagrave page for her:
Sarah (Hufford) Ryan, 1807-1889

Finding Sarah allowed me not only to find her 12 children and many of their descendants, it also helped me to find the burial location for her father (David Hufford) and a copy of her father’s signature. That info also is now added at findagrave:
David Hufford, d. 9-Oct-1865

I would not have found Sarah if another HUFFORD descendant had not shared his DNA results with me.

If you have done DNA testing at ancestry, you could help with this research project by allowing me to see your DNA matches. I’d really appreciate it! Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Please help!

  1. Hi there! This is Scarlett Hufford-Thomas. I would be happy to share my AncestryDNA results. Would you please send the instructions to a different email than the one you have. It’s
    Thanks for you continued work on the Hufford genealogy. I really appreciate it!

    • Thank you kindly, Diane. 🙂
      Here are the directions:
      (1) Sign in at your ancestry[dot]com account.
      (2) Once signed in, in the bar across the top, select “DNA.”
      (3) From the drop-down menu that opens, select “Your DNA Results Summary.”
      (4) At the new page that opens, look in the the upper right corner. You’ll see a “gear shift wheel” followed by the word “Settings.” Click on that.
      (5) At the new page, scroll down to where it says, “Sharing Preferences.” There, you will see that it says, “DNA Ethnicity and Matches. Invite others and manage their access to your DNA test results.” … To the right of that is the word “Change” with an arrow pointing down, indicating that you can click on the word “Change.”
      (6) Click on that word “Change,” and you will see the option “Add a person” after a “plus” sign. … Click on that, and add my email address:

    • Incidentally, your husband and I are 5th cousins once-removed, with your husband descending from Jacob (1798-1884), son of Casper HOFFERT and Catharine STIHLI (1767-1840). Jacob had nine children from his first wife, and eight children from his second wife (one who died in infancy). Eight of those 17 children show as verified via autosomal DNA matches.

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