Ellen “Ella” Rinehart, a great-great granddaughter of Christian b. 1716

My puzzle for the weekend was one step beyond the HUFFORD name: Ella Dorcas “Ella” RINEHART’s mother was a born Hufford. What is below can be considered a replacement for page 224 of the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. The first problem with page 224 is that the book editor misspelled the last name of Ella’s first husband. The correct spelling is LONGENECKER.

from page 224

Ellen Dorcas “Ella” Rinehart: 1st Mrs. Longenecker, 2nd Mrs. Frick, 3rd Mrs. Jennings.

Ellen Dorcas “Ella” RINEHART was the 11th child of Sarah Hufford (page 218), who was the 6th child of Christian III (page 200), who was the son of Christian II (b. 1746), who was the son of Christian the immigrant (b. 1716 in Schwaigern).

    (As an aside, the number in front of each person in the book is the birth order for that child. There is no real index in the book, and understanding the code to birth order is key to finding people in the book, and to finding both the ancestors and descendants of a person. The book was put together for family, family who knew how they all were related.)

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