DNA proof of Hufford descendant born into slavery


The 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY tracks descendants of Christian HOFFART who was born in 1716 in (or very near) Schwaigern, Germany. He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on September 15, 1729, with his parents – Hans Jorick Hoffart and Anna Margaretha Most – and with his younger sister Anna Margaretha Hoffart. The 1909 book briefly mentions his parents and sister on page 8, but it badly garbles the information, even incorrectly stating the German city of origin.

Additionally, the book makes no mention of Christian’s older sister, Anna Christina Hoffart, who did not travel with her parents and siblings in 1729 because she was newly married and pregnant with her first child.  Anna Christina had married Johann Casper CREAGER on August 17, 1728, in the Lutheran church in Schwaigern, Germany. When her family sailed in 1729, Anna Christina was pregnant. Her child was born September 5, 1729, in Schwaigern, ten days before her parents arrived in Philadelphia. Anna Christina, her husband, and their infant son arrived in Philadelphia in 1730.

Already I had tracked some descendants of Christian’s sister Anna Christina because Christian’s daughter Christina HOFFART (b. 1749) married Anna Christina’s son Adam CREAGER (b. 1737) – a marriage of first cousins.

In about 2010 while tracking descendants of Christian’s son Daniel (b. abt 1755), I bumped into a descendant of Christian’s sister Anna Christina:  Susan S. HUFFORD was born in about 1816 in Kentucky; she was the daughter of David Hufford (1781-1831), who was the son of Daniel Hoffart (Christian’s son). Sometime before 1850, Susan married her 3rd-cousin Enoch LINK. Susan was the great-granddaughter of Christian Hoffart and his 1st wife (Elizabeth Keim); Enoch was the great-grandson of Anna Christina Hoffart — Christian’s sister. Both Susan and her husband Enoch were the two-greats grandchildren of that German couple who had arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1729 — Hans Jorick Hoffart and Anna Margaretha Most. A 3rd-cousin marriage is of no surprise, and my interest at that point was tracking Susan, since she was the Christian Hoffart descendant.

Susan shows on the 1850 census of Scott Co., KY, as “Susan Link.” Her age as listed likely is not correct:  29. She is with her husband Enoch, her dead grandfather’s widow (Barbara), a half-uncle (Eli), a spinster half-aunt (Mary), and a widowed half-aunt (Delila). Her husband was farming, and value of his real estate was $3,000; in today’s money, that would be over $95,000. The $3,000 value of real estate was about average for the land-owning farmers in that time and place. In 1850, the population of Scott County was just under 15,000. Size of the county: 285 square miles, meaning over 180,000 acres.


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