Two more Hufford women found from page 244

Two more finds within the last week from page 244 of the 1909 book:

FIRST, Anna Louise Hufford (Mrs. Forney), daughter of George Andrew (son of Solomon, who was son of Philip, who was son of Christian b. 1716): Anna is listed as “Anna,” child number 2 of George Andrew. There is a trick to figuring out the listing of children for Anna: Her husband is listed as David C. FORNEY, married October 11, 1881, and ten children are listed for her. Yes, Anna had ten children, but those first two children were not the children of Mr. Forney. One is listed with the surname SHROYER on the 1880 census, but by adulthood, both of those sons were using their mother’s maiden name — Hufford. The trick was realizing that they got their Hufford surname from their mother, not their father.  Anna”s findagrave page has details of Anna’s life: Anna Louise Hufford (Mrs. David C. Forney)

Anna’s huband’s obituary from September 1929 was key to solving the puzzle. His obit listed as surviving children “five sons and three daughters, Sherman E. and R. E. [Roy E.] Forney, Altoona; Mrs. Ina Austin, Mary, Albert and Calvin Forney, at home; George Forney, in Virginia; Mrs. Ellie Huss, Hollidaysburg; two stepsons, Harry and Maurice Hufford, Altoona.”  The obit appeared in the Bedford Gazette (newspaper, Bedford, PA) on October 4, 1929.

SECOND, Sarah Emma Hufford (Mrs. McManamy), another daughter of that same George Andrew Hufford.  Sarah Emma is listed as “Emma,” child number 6 . The only information the 1909 book gives for Sarah Emma is that she married Mr. McMANAMY. No dates, no children, no location, and no first name for her husband. Here is the information at findagrave: Sarah Emma Hufford (Mrs. James Elmer McManamy).



Major correction, page 244, and a find of a lost Hufford woman

According to page 244 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY, Solomon Hufford who was born in about 1789 in Maryland and who lived in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, had a daughter Mary Ann. (Solomon was the son of Philip, who was the son of Christian b. 1716.) Figuring out that the book was describing Mary Ann as the daughter of that Solomon requires decoding the placement and numbering system used in the book, but I spent several months some years back doing the figuring.  From that figuring, I created a READER’S GUIDE TO “The Hufford Family History: 1729 – 1909.”

The information about “Mary Ann” is sparse in the book.

sister of George.
Born July 23, 1818, Frederick county, Md.
Married June 15, 1848, by Joseph Dull, Justice of the Peace.
Occupation: farmer
Church: Lutheran
1. Ellen.
2. Georgie.
3. Lenora.
4. Susan.
Berlin, Pa., Somerset county.

Number 2 on the page is George, who is described as “Son of Solomon and grandson of Phillip, who was born in Frederick, Md., May 17, 1821.” With that, I could place “Mary Ann” on the tree.  However, there was no family like that to be found.  Now and again, I try to find some who seem “unfindable.”  Two nights ago, looking one way and another, something finally popped.  I kept seeing a family in Somerset Co., PA, with William and Susan Powell, and Susan was noted as born in Maryland, but their children’s names didn’t fit.  Well, the names didn’t fit until I found death certificates for all four children, and their mother was named as “Susan Hufford, born in Maryland.”  Then I found the death certificate of Susan Powell, born July 23, 1818, in Maryland, whose parents were named as Solomon Hofford and Polly Powell.  She died in Berlin, Somerset Co., PA.  Her gravestone at the IOOF Cemetery in Berlin, PA, names her as “Susanna Powell.”

Her children were Elmira Jane (b. 1848), Georgianna (b. 1852), Laura C. (b. 1855), and Susan A. (b. 1859).

There was no “Mary Ann” to be found.  She was Susanna, all along.