The magic of autosomal DNA worked again!

DNA worked its magic again! It’s Saturday night. Late Thursday night a new match popped for me at ancestryDOTcom: Female. Share of 26 cM of DNA across three segments. Eighteen shared DNA matches, and I could ID everyone of them, but I could not ID her. Of the shared matches, ALL are HUFFORD descendants. For one, the connection is back at Abraham HUFFORD (b. 1788) and Elizabeth PLANK (b. 1792). For three, the connection is one generation closer, at Andrew HUFFORD (b. 1827) and Sarah Catherine CRIPE (b. 1833). For 14, the connection is closer one more generation, at Elizabeth HUFFORD (b. 1851) and George HOOKER (b. 1844). … (Elizabeth Hufford, b. 1851, is on page 81 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.)

I reached out via ancestryDOTcom’s message service.

She knew her mother, but she did not know her father. It could be determine easily that our connection is on her father’s side. She said she was born and raised in Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. I had never heard of the place. I told her that I could help her narrow her search if she would allow me to see her DNA matches, and she let me see matches.

In less than two hours, I knew that her father was one of three brothers, sons of Roberta Doreen HOOKER (1937-2021) and her husband. Roberta was a great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Hufford and George Hooker. (Elizabeth Hufford was daughter of Andrew Hufford, son of Abraham Hufford, son of Casper Hoffert, son of Christian Hoffart, b 1716, d. 1788).

THAT is how good autosomal DNA testing is!

My newly found cousin and I are 3rd cousins once-removed.

A cousin more closely related to her reached out this evening to the daughter of one of the brothers, and we should have more information in about four months. The Hooker/Hufford descendants are an unusually cooperative and family-like group.