Union Army HUFFORDs in the Civil War

July 2020, battles are raging in the USA (complete with blood in the streets), and everyone with not much melanin in his/her skin is being called a “racist” and the “cause of slavery” and told, “You owe us! Pay up!”

Over 400,000 men died while in service in the U.S. Army, giving their lives to end slavery in the USA. What do their descendants owe anyone?

Just now, while working on John Wesley HUFFORD (1843-1924), I saw a note I’d made some years back: “Civil War, U.S. Army: Co. H, 6th Regt., Iowa Inf. Wounded in battle at Shiloh. His brother William was killed at his side.” John’s brother was William Thomas HUFFORD, born 1841 in Indiana, died in a battle at Shiloh, in April 1862. Twenty-one years old, orphaned as a child, and he died while putting his life on the line to try to end slavery in the USA. Apparently, his legacy would be spit on by today’s “movement.”

This is but the start of this post. I shall add to it as time permits. Many HUFFORD descendants served in the Union Army during the Civil War, and many of them died. That is a reality that today’s “liberals” want to ignore as they push a racist agenda for their own political purposes.

Lists of descendants

A hard-copy publication of a volume II of the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY is not likely to happen. That said, I do my best so that researchers are able to track the descendants of Christian HOFFARTH (1716-1788) and also the descendants of his sister Anna Christina (b. 1706).

At this time there are three sites online where I have the information. Two of the sites are updated once or twice a year; the 3rd site is updated frequently. (The sites do not show living people.):

Geneanet.org allows for a pretty good list of descendants, not perfect, but pretty good. It’s a little complex to understand geneanet’s system of listing descendants, but it lists down to my father, for whom Christian was a five-greats-grandfather. In other words, it lists many generations down from Christian, showing what lines and information I’ve been able to find and verify:
Christian at geneanet

Rootsweb’s World Connect project allows me to share the information, but it is a little more problematic for users. The software shows a button for “Descendancy,” but the function behind the button does not work (at this time). However, Christian’s 17 children are shown, and one can look at each child individually, and work down thru the generations: 
Christian at rootsweb’s World Connect

Ancestry.com does not pretend to show any descendancy list. However, one can work down thru the descendants of Christian’s children. Additionally, there is an easy feature for searching the database by name. And, under the “Tree Search” function, one can select “List of all people,” and look for all people with the same surname.
Christian at ancestry

One problem with ancestry is that, altho I have that database set to “public,” the database itself is not open to all on the ‘net. One must pay for an ancestry subscription or be at a public library that pays for a subscription. There is, however, a completely free alternative: Send me an email telling me who your HUFFORD-descendant ancestor is/was, and I’ll send you an “invite” that will let you access that database for free from the comfort of your home. I’m 70; write now to request an invite; I won’t be able to pass out any invites once I’m dead. 😉

FindAGrave is another site where some of Christian’s descendants can be tracked:
Christian at findagrave
My own line is one that is completely trackable at findagrave, with links from one generation down to the next:
Christian > Casper > Abraham > Andrew > Elizabeth (m. George HOOKER) > Sarah Catherine (m. Jesse BEARD) > George Irvin > Miles.