Over the years, Hufford family genealogists would speak now and again about publishing an updated edition of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY that was so ably edited and published by Franklin Pierce Hoffert. Twenty or thirty years ago it sounded like a plausible goal.  Now, in the digital age, it seems unlikely that there ever would be a hard-copy update. The cost would be prohibitive.

However, my goal from the start has been an update, with corrections. Until I come up with a better digital format, here’s my offering:

It’s at rootsweb, a free site.

At that URL link, type the following into the search box:
hoffarth, christian

Then, click on the link for what pops up:
HOFFARTH, CHRISTIAN b: 5 JUL 1716 in Schwaigern, Neckar, Wurtemburg, Germany d: 1788 in Monacacy Manor, Frederick Co., Maryland

The page for Christian will appear. From his page, select “Descendancy,” and you will see a massively long list of deceased descendants of Christian.

It’s not perfect, but it puts the information out there for all. The database that you’ll find at that link was created by downloading in gedcom format the private (and massive) tree that I maintain at Then, I uploaded the gedcom file at rootsweb. As a consequence, you’ll see a variety of notes on the individual pages for many people. Also as a consequence, there are many people in that database who are not HUFFORD descendants. The information is the best I have as of this morn when I downloaded the info in gedcom format and then uploaded that gedcom file at rootsweb.

If you pair the info that you’ll find at the above link with the “Reader’s Guide to the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY: 1729 – 1909” that I prepared a few years back, you will have a good start to an updated and corrected version of the 1909 book. Here’s the reader’s guide.

As with all genealogical research, my conclusions have been based on the best available information. I apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. Genealogical research involves ongoing puzzle piecing. I’m doing my best, but I’m not perfect. 😀

610 S. 11th St., Tacoma, Washington

610 S. 11th St., Tacoma, Washington.

That address reached across 107 years to prove a HUFFORD descendant.

Page 61 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY has information about Hannah HUFFORD, born 4-Oct-1845 in Indiana.  (Hannah was the daughter of John Hufford b. 1814, who was the son of Abraham b. 1788, who was the son of Casper b. 1762, who was the son of immigrant Christian b. 1716.)  Hannah married John ROOT and had six children.  After Hannah died in 1877, John, their surviving five children, and John’s new wife moved to Osawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, where they are found on the 1880 census.

Here is Hannah’s findagrave page:

Hannah Hufford and John Root’s 2nd child was Elizabeth ROOT, b. 1864. Information for Elizabeth is on page 61 of the 1909 book.  It says exactly this:

Born January 28, 1864, near Rossville, Ind.
Married February 27, 1882.
Occupation, farmer.
Church, Advent.
1. Clarence.
2. Ida.
Children married. No records.
Tacoma, Wash., 610 S. 11th St.

The “No. 2” before Elizabeth’s name referred to her being the 2nd child of her parents.

In 1870, Elizabeth was with her parents and siblings in Clinton Co., Indiana.

In 1880, Elizabeth was with her father, siblings, step-mother, and step-sisters in Osawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas.

On February 27, 1882, there was a marriage between Elizabeth ROOT and Samuel FISHEL in Holt Co., Missouri.  Note that the surname was FisheL, not FisheR. The “r” is a goof made by the man who put together the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

On March 1. 1895, 26-year-old Elizabeth FISHEL (b. Indiana) was in Ozawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, with 10-yr-old John C. FISHEL (b. Missouri) and 7-yr-old Ida FISHEL (b. Kansas). No husband was present.

In May 1910, John Clarence FISHEL, age 27, b. Kansas, applied for a job with the Northern Pacific Railway Company. He listed his address as 610 S. 11th, Tacoma, Washington. He listed his mother as “Mrs. Bittie SWING,” of 610 S. 11th St., Tacoma.”  He said he was married and that his wife lived at the same address.

Take note: That is the same address as listed in the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY for Elizabeth ROOT.

The 1910 census of Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington, lists “Elizabeth SWING,” age 44, b. Pennsylvania, as head of household with 25-yr-old “J.C. FISHEL” (b. Missouri) and 21-yr-old “Elizabeth FISHEL” (b. Wisconsin, parents b. Wisconsin). That listing itself has errors, and the indexing of the listing also has errors.  You must look at the original, to see “J.C.” And, you must look at the original and do some thinking to realize that “J.C.” and the 21-yr-old Elizabeth were husband and wife; both were noted as married, and each reported having been married for two years. Also, altho 21-yr-old Elizabeth is noted as “daughter” rather than “daughter-in-law,” that would make so sense because both of her parents were reported as born in Wisconsin.  J.C. was working as a “trainman” for the railroad. The address appears to be immediately next to Eleventh St.; perhaps they had moved around the corner, or (more likely) the census taker made another error with the listing.

As to what happened to Elizabeth after that 1910 census listing, I’ve yet to solve that puzzle.  However, the exact address match between the 1909 book and the May 1910 job application for John Clarence Fishel proves that the woman on the 1910 census was Elizabeth Root, b. 1864 near Rossville, Indiana.

Elizabeth’s daughter Ida married Millard Elmer ROWAN and had seven children: Floyd E., Clarence H., Dorothy Elizabeth, Herbert B., Claude C., Juanita Doris, and Elmer. Ida died January 17, 1938, in Skagit Co., Washington, under her married name “Ida ROWAN.”

Elizabeth’s son John is harder to track. John’s wife of 1910 is on the 1920 census in Nekoosa, Wood Co., Wisconsin, with their daughter (Gladys I. Fishel, b. abt 1912, in Oregon) and with her parents and brother. Because of that, we learn that John’s wife Elizabeth was Elizabeth Joslin DAY, b. 1888, the daughter of Robert DAY and Sophia Ann JOSLIN. Elizabeth’s Wisconsin birth record gives her exact birth date; that birth date reveals that Elizabeth died October 30, 1954, in Orange Co., California, under the married name Elizabeth J. HART. With that, we can find her on the 1930 and 1940 census with husband #2 William HART in Orange Co., California. With her in 1930 was daughter Gladys Irene (a Hufford descendant), married to Frederick STORY, along with Gladys’ daughter Betty Lou STORY, born in 1929 in California.

After John’s marriage to Elizabeth Day fell apart, there is no definite match that I have found for him. There are claims that he moved to California and had another two children, but the signatures between the two men do not match. However, that 610 S. 11th St. address allows us to determine the last name of Elizabeth’s husband – Fishel, rather than Fisher – and it allows us to find the seven children of Elizabeth’s daughter Ida and one child of Elizabeth’s son John.

Elizabeth’s husband Samuel FISHEL was the brother of Elizabeth’s sister Sarah’s husband Frank. The two brothers — Samuel and Frank — were with their parents in Osawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, in 1870. This likely is the findagrave page for Elizabeth’s husband Samuel:

As difficult as it can be to track some of these old dead folks, one of the problems is defeating incorrect information that is the result of sloppy “researchers” following “green leafs” offered up by Then, once one fool adds the incorrect information to his/her tree at ancestry, that inaccuracy so often is accepted and repeated by other lazy “researchers” and fools. [Please insert a big “sigh” here.] As a consequence, several are claiming that Elizabeth ROOT (b. 28-Jan-1864 near Rossville, Clinton Co., IN, dau. of John K. ROOT and Hannah HUFFORD, with info on page 61 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY) is the same woman who died in 1939 and was buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, York Co., Pennsylvania. No! That is 100% wrong, as shown by the death certificate for the woman who died in 1939 in Pennsylvania. The woman who died in 1939 in York Co., Pennsylvania, was born Elizabeth WARNER, in York Co., Pennsylvania, the daughter of John WARNER and Catharine GREEN. She married James W. FISHEL.

PAGE NOTE: Elizabeth Root (daughter of Hannah Hufford) is on page 61 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

Hunting for an orphan boy

Solomon Preston Hufford (1863-1916) of Doddridge Co., WV, had three wives. Wives #1 and #2 died on him; he died on wife #3. By 1920, both he and wife #3 were dead, and an 8-year-old Thomas Hufford popped up living with Solomon Preston’s brother Lewis (b. 1869). The boy was described as Lewis’ “nephew.” And then the boy vanished.

Assuming the info on the 1920 census was correct, that meant that the boy’s father was one of Lewis’ three brothers: Solomon Preston b. 1863; Hiram Nathaniel b. 1875, or Thomas B. b. 1878.

Solomon Preston b. 1863 was on the 1910 census with wife #3, two daughters from his 2nd marriage, a daughter from his 3rd marriage, and a step-son from wife #3’s first marriage. Solomon died in 1916; wife #3 died in 1919. So, Solomon could fit as the father.

Hiram b. 1875 was on the 1910 census with his only wife and their two children. Hiram died in 1912. His wife remarried and was on the 1920 census with her two Hufford children, her new husband, and some children from her new marriage. So, the father was not likely Hiram, because Hiram’s surviving wife had her children with her in 1920.

Thomas b. 1878 was long gone from West Virginia by 1910. He’d burned thru his 1st marriage (to Lydia Hall), left behind a daughter born in 1901 (Ruby Jewel), and was in Spokane County, Washington, newly married, and trying not to mention that 1st marriage. In 1910, the wife he left behind was in Wood County, West Virginia, with their daughter, and she was calling herself “widowed.” She reported two births, with one living. So, the boy with Lewis on the 1920 census was not a fit as a son for Thomas.

The only fit as a father was Solomon Preston. My assumption was that Solomon Preston’s wife #3 had a son Thomas in about 1912, but I could find no record for the birth. And I could not find Thomas after the 1920 census.

Six years ago, a volunteer with findagrave photographed a grave stone in Doddridge County and added the photo and the info to the findagrave database. A quick read of the grave stone says, “THOMAS P. 1908 1960,” but a closer look shows a blade of dried grass in the right leg of the letter R, which is an R, not a P. There’s no surname on the gravestone, but the findagrave volunteer guessed the surname was HUFFORD, likely because the stone nearby read “Juanita Hufford 1910 1998.”

However, a Thomas born in 1908 just didn’t fit with any of the Doddridge County Huffords. The only “Thomas Hufford” in that area, born in that time, was the 8-year-old Thomas Hufford on the 1920 census. Still, I changed the year of birth for Thomas in my database from 1912 to 1908. I should not have, but I did, and figured I’d try to make sense of it later.

Then, just a few days ago, someone added info at findagrave about a burial in Cincinnati, Ohio: Thomas P. Hufford, b. Jan. 20, 1912 WV; d. Feb. 4, 1974, Ohio. I started filling in the blanks.

It became clear that Thomas b. 1912 who was buried in Cincinnati was the Thomas on the 1920 census, living with his uncle. The 1940 census (Hamilton Co., Ohio) gave Thomas’ place of birth of West Virginia. More importantly, the Wilmington News-Journal (Wilmington, Ohio), had some information in the March 21, 1969, issue, on page 6: “Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hufford of Loveland, visited Sunday with Hufford’s sisters, Mrs. Earl Dillow, Mrs. Louisa Friend and Mrs. Juanita Morris.” Solomon Preston’s daughter Goldie Tempest had married Earl DILLOW (3rd husband); his daughter Louisa Samantha had married Howard Herman FRIEND; his daughter Gladys Juanita had married Thomas Ray MORRIS. Perfect match.

But who then was that “Thomas P. Hufford 1908 1960”? Well, he was not a Hufford. He was Thomas Ray MORRIS, whose wife was Gladys Juanita Hufford, the sister of Solomon Preston’s son Thomas, the orphan boy. I’m also suspecting that the findagrave volunteer reported the grave sites of Gladys and her husband Thomas in the wrong cemetery. At this time, they are listed as being in Chestnut Grove; however, records say their remains were buried in Masonic Cemetery.

Here’s Solomon Preston’s info at findagrave:

PAGE NOTE: Solomon Preston Hufford was the grandson of Peter Hufford. Peter Hufford’s brother Christian Hufford III is listed on page 200 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. Both Peter Hufford and Christian Hufford III were sons of Christian Hoffart II, who was the son of Christian Hoffart b. 1716 and his first wife, Elizabeth Keim.

Two more Hufford women found from page 244

Two more finds within the last week from page 244 of the 1909 book:

FIRST, Anna Louise Hufford (Mrs. Forney), daughter of George Andrew (son of Solomon, who was son of Philip, who was son of Christian b. 1716): Anna is listed as “Anna,” child number 2 of George Andrew. There is a trick to figuring out the listing of children for Anna: Her husband is listed as David C. FORNEY, married October 11, 1881, and ten children are listed for her. Yes, Anna had ten children, but those first two children were not the children of Mr. Forney. One is listed with the surname SHROYER on the 1880 census, but by adulthood, both of those sons were using their mother’s maiden name — Hufford. The trick was realizing that they got their Hufford surname from their mother, not their father.  Anna”s findagrave page has details of Anna’s life: Anna Louise Hufford (Mrs. David C. Forney)

Anna’s huband’s obituary from September 1929 was key to solving the puzzle. His obit listed as surviving children “five sons and three daughters, Sherman E. and R. E. [Roy E.] Forney, Altoona; Mrs. Ina Austin, Mary, Albert and Calvin Forney, at home; George Forney, in Virginia; Mrs. Ellie Huss, Hollidaysburg; two stepsons, Harry and Maurice Hufford, Altoona.”  The obit appeared in the Bedford Gazette (newspaper, Bedford, PA) on October 4, 1929.

SECOND, Sarah Emma Hufford (Mrs. McManamy), another daughter of that same George Andrew Hufford.  Sarah Emma is listed as “Emma,” child number 6 . The only information the 1909 book gives for Sarah Emma is that she married Mr. McMANAMY. No dates, no children, no location, and no first name for her husband. Here is the information at findagrave: Sarah Emma Hufford (Mrs. James Elmer McManamy).



Major correction, page 244, and a find of a lost Hufford woman

According to page 244 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY, Solomon Hufford who was born in about 1789 in Maryland and who lived in Bedford Co., Pennsylvania, had a daughter Mary Ann. (Solomon was the son of Philip, who was the son of Christian b. 1716.) Figuring out that the book was describing Mary Ann as the daughter of that Solomon requires decoding the placement and numbering system used in the book, but I spent several months some years back doing the figuring.  From that figuring, I created a READER’S GUIDE TO “The Hufford Family History: 1729 – 1909.”

The information about “Mary Ann” is sparse in the book.

sister of George.
Born July 23, 1818, Frederick county, Md.
Married June 15, 1848, by Joseph Dull, Justice of the Peace.
Occupation: farmer
Church: Lutheran
1. Ellen.
2. Georgie.
3. Lenora.
4. Susan.
Berlin, Pa., Somerset county.

Number 2 on the page is George, who is described as “Son of Solomon and grandson of Phillip, who was born in Frederick, Md., May 17, 1821.” With that, I could place “Mary Ann” on the tree.  However, there was no family like that to be found.  Now and again, I try to find some who seem “unfindable.”  Two nights ago, looking one way and another, something finally popped.  I kept seeing a family in Somerset Co., PA, with William and Susan Powell, and Susan was noted as born in Maryland, but their children’s names didn’t fit.  Well, the names didn’t fit until I found death certificates for all four children, and their mother was named as “Susan Hufford, born in Maryland.”  Then I found the death certificate of Susan Powell, born July 23, 1818, in Maryland, whose parents were named as Solomon Hofford and Polly Powell.  She died in Berlin, Somerset Co., PA.  Her gravestone at the IOOF Cemetery in Berlin, PA, names her as “Susanna Powell.”

Her children were Elmira Jane (b. 1848), Georgianna (b. 1852), Laura C. (b. 1855), and Susan A. (b. 1859).

There was no “Mary Ann” to be found.  She was Susanna, all along.