610 S. 11th St., Tacoma, Washington

610 S. 11th St., Tacoma, Washington.

That address reached across 107 years to prove a HUFFORD descendant.

Page 61 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY has information about Hannah HUFFORD, born 4-Oct-1845 in Indiana.  (Hannah was the daughter of John Hufford b. 1814, who was the son of Abraham b. 1788, who was the son of Casper b. 1762, who was the son of immigrant Christian b. 1716.)  Hannah married John ROOT and had six children.  After Hannah died in 1877, John, their surviving five children, and John’s new wife moved to Osawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, where they are found on the 1880 census.

Here is Hannah’s findagrave page:

Hannah Hufford and John Root’s 2nd child was Elizabeth ROOT, b. 1864. Information for Elizabeth is on page 61 of the 1909 book.  It says exactly this:

Born January 28, 1864, near Rossville, Ind.
Married February 27, 1882.
Occupation, farmer.
Church, Advent.
1. Clarence.
2. Ida.
Children married. No records.
Tacoma, Wash., 610 S. 11th St.

The “No. 2” before Elizabeth’s name referred to her being the 2nd child of her parents.

In 1870, Elizabeth was with her parents and siblings in Clinton Co., Indiana.

In 1880, Elizabeth was with her father, siblings, step-mother, and step-sisters in Osawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas.

On February 27, 1882, there was a marriage between Elizabeth ROOT and Samuel FISHEL in Holt Co., Missouri.  Note that the surname was FisheL, not FisheR. The “r” is a goof made by the man who put together the HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

On March 1. 1895, 26-year-old Elizabeth FISHEL (b. Indiana) was in Ozawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, with 10-yr-old John C. FISHEL (b. Missouri) and 7-yr-old Ida FISHEL (b. Kansas). No husband was present.

In May 1910, John Clarence FISHEL, age 27, b. Kansas, applied for a job with the Northern Pacific Railway Company. He listed his address as 610 S. 11th, Tacoma, Washington. He listed his mother as “Mrs. Bittie SWING,” of 610 S. 11th St., Tacoma.”  He said he was married and that his wife lived at the same address.

Take note: That is the same address as listed in the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY for Elizabeth ROOT.

The 1910 census of Tacoma, Pierce Co., Washington, lists “Elizabeth SWING,” age 44, b. Pennsylvania, as head of household with 25-yr-old “J.C. FISHEL” (b. Missouri) and 21-yr-old “Elizabeth FISHEL” (b. Wisconsin, parents b. Wisconsin). That listing itself has errors, and the indexing of the listing also has errors.  You must look at the original, to see “J.C.” And, you must look at the original and do some thinking to realize that “J.C.” and the 21-yr-old Elizabeth were husband and wife; both were noted as married, and each reported having been married for two years. Also, altho 21-yr-old Elizabeth is noted as “daughter” rather than “daughter-in-law,” that would make so sense because both of her parents were reported as born in Wisconsin.  J.C. was working as a “trainman” for the railroad. The address appears to be immediately next to Eleventh St.; perhaps they had moved around the corner, or (more likely) the census taker made another error with the listing.

As to what happened to Elizabeth after that 1910 census listing, I’ve yet to solve that puzzle.  However, the exact address match between the 1909 book and the May 1910 job application for John Clarence Fishel proves that the woman on the 1910 census was Elizabeth Root, b. 1864 near Rossville, Indiana.

Elizabeth’s daughter Ida married Millard Elmer ROWAN and had seven children: Floyd E., Clarence H., Dorothy Elizabeth, Herbert B., Claude C., Juanita Doris, and Elmer. Ida died January 17, 1938, in Skagit Co., Washington, under her married name “Ida ROWAN.”

Elizabeth’s son John is harder to track. John’s wife of 1910 is on the 1920 census in Nekoosa, Wood Co., Wisconsin, with their daughter (Gladys I. Fishel, b. abt 1912, in Oregon) and with her parents and brother. Because of that, we learn that John’s wife Elizabeth was Elizabeth Joslin DAY, b. 1888, the daughter of Robert DAY and Sophia Ann JOSLIN. Elizabeth’s Wisconsin birth record gives her exact birth date; that birth date reveals that Elizabeth died October 30, 1954, in Orange Co., California, under the married name Elizabeth J. HART. With that, we can find her on the 1930 and 1940 census with husband #2 William HART in Orange Co., California. With her in 1930 was daughter Gladys Irene (a Hufford descendant), married to Frederick STORY, along with Gladys’ daughter Betty Lou STORY, born in 1929 in California.

After John’s marriage to Elizabeth Day fell apart, there is no definite match that I have found for him. There are claims that he moved to California and had another two children, but the signatures between the two men do not match. However, that 610 S. 11th St. address allows us to determine the last name of Elizabeth’s husband – Fishel, rather than Fisher – and it allows us to find the seven children of Elizabeth’s daughter Ida and one child of Elizabeth’s son John.

Elizabeth’s husband Samuel FISHEL was the brother of Elizabeth’s sister Sarah’s husband Frank. The two brothers — Samuel and Frank — were with their parents in Osawkie, Jefferson Co., Kansas, in 1870. This likely is the findagrave page for Elizabeth’s husband Samuel:

As difficult as it can be to track some of these old dead folks, one of the problems is defeating incorrect information that is the result of sloppy “researchers” following “green leafs” offered up by ancestry.com. Then, once one fool adds the incorrect information to his/her tree at ancestry, that inaccuracy so often is accepted and repeated by other lazy “researchers” and fools. [Please insert a big “sigh” here.] As a consequence, several are claiming that Elizabeth ROOT (b. 28-Jan-1864 near Rossville, Clinton Co., IN, dau. of John K. ROOT and Hannah HUFFORD, with info on page 61 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY) is the same woman who died in 1939 and was buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery, York Co., Pennsylvania. No! That is 100% wrong, as shown by the death certificate for the woman who died in 1939 in Pennsylvania. The woman who died in 1939 in York Co., Pennsylvania, was born Elizabeth WARNER, in York Co., Pennsylvania, the daughter of John WARNER and Catharine GREEN. She married James W. FISHEL.

A Halloween story

Halloween is a good time to tell the story of Barbara Hufford, born 1860 in Rossville, Clinton County, Indiana. Barbara was the daughter of John (b. 1814), son of Abraham Sr. (b. 1788), son of Casper (b. 1762), son of Christian the immigrant. Barbara, her husband, and their children are on page 63 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY. She is with her parents and siblings on page 52 of the book.

Barbara married John DEAL when she was 19; she birthed seven children. She died at 31, in 1888, with six children surviving. Her son Manford was seven-and-a-half years old when Barbara died.

In 1971, Barbara’s son Manford was 86 years old and living in Traverse City, Michigan. His wife had died the year before. He made a return trip to his childhood hometown – Pyrmont, Carroll County, Indiana. Manford’s son Francis Ronald was with him. Manford visited with a few old cousins, saw a childhood friend, and walked some of the same roads he had walked as a child.

A few weeks after he returned to Traverse City, he told his son a story, and his son wrote it down. Here is the story that Barbara’s son told, 79 years after Barbara died:

My Hufford ancestor: Elizabeth Hufford, born 1851

Over the years of my HUFFORD research, some have asked, “But are YOU a Hufford descendant?”

The answer, of course, is yes.

My most recent ancestor who was born with the HUFFORD name is Elizabeth Hufford who was born June 25, 1851, in Carroll Co., Indiana.  She is pictured with her husband and children on page 81 of the 1909 HUFFORD FAMILY HISTORY.

Elizabeth is front and center. Left front, with his cane, is Elizabeth’s husband, George Hooker. On George’s lap is their son Challence (born in 1889). Right front is daughter Dora (born in 1886). Standing, from left to right are Theodore (b. 1882), Sarah Catharine (b. 1871), George (b. 1877), Rosa (b. 1874), William (b. 1879), Mary Elizabeth (b. 1873), and James (b. 1882). The family dog is lying on the ground in front of them.

I am one of Elizabeth Hufford’s great-great-granddaughters.

Elizabeth was a strait-laced, German Baptist Brethren farm girl who married a Catholic man who had served in the Civil War.  Together, they had nine children and raised all to adulthood.